If you live in New York City, or are familiar with life in the big city, you know that apartments are definitely small. And “small” may be generous. But now, residents of New York are looking for a whole new living experience. Would you believe that people in New York are looking to move into the newest craze: “micro” apartments?


New York’s first micro apartment complex, Carmel Place, has recently started leasing studios ranging from 260 to 360 square feet. The apartments cater mainly to people who have a desire to live alone, and that is about all that you are going to do in one of these super-small studio apartments. But it does give you a sense of your very own place that is just yours. The city had to waive the requirement for an apartment in New York to be a minimum of 400 square feet, and other developers are looking to follow in the footsteps of Carmel Place and open additional micro apartment complexes with less than 400 square feet, if the city permanently changes the zoning laws.


There was so much interest in Carmel Place that they had to have a lottery! The smaller apartments offer a smaller price tag, which may be part of the reason they have so much appeal to people in New York City where apartments can go for tens of thousands a month. Rent at Carmel Place is a mere $950 a month. That is a great bargain on these apartments in the heart of New York City.

Micro apartments are catching on around the country, and New York City will not be left behind when it comes to this trend with Carmel Place. If you can see yourself living in an apartment that is as small as a large master bedroom, then you can see yourself living in a micro apartment in Carmel Place.