Micro apartment living is the latest trend, and it has finally come to Portland. The Freedom Center in Portland, Oregon is the city’s first large scale micro apartment living solution. It is located in the Pearl District and provides easy access to a number of Portland’s favorite attractions. For luxury living at affordable rates, consider The Freedom Center. If you are looking for eco-friendly living, consider The Freedom Center. This micro apartment complex provides everything that you may be looking for and nothing more.

microflat in portland

The Freedom Center firmly believes that the quality of your home is more important than the quantity of that home. That is why The Freedom Center provides luxury living at an affordable price. With a micro apartment you come home to a living space that is nothing more than you need. Why bother with a large apartment that you are unable to fully enjoy because you are working so hard to afford the living space? With a micro apartment, your rent will be much lower, but you will still have luxury living at its finest.


With studio apartments starting at 267 square feet and a number of unique floor plans, The Freedom Center truly provides the freedom you desire when it comes to your living arrangements, all in a micro apartment luxury living space.

Micro apartments are a growing trend across the country, and Portland is finally home to a micro apartment living experience. If you have been wondering what the micro apartment craze is about, then get in on it with The Freedom Center. If you want luxury living in a nice neat little package, then micro apartment living may be for you. You may think that luxury living is outside your reach, but that is not the case when it comes to micro apartments at The Freedom Center.