Have you ever secretly wanted to live at the mall? We all know some people who love shopping so much, they seem like they really do live at the mall. The Westminster Arcade mall in Rhode Island is now allowing people to do just that!

Micro apartments and lofts are a growing trend across the country, and now there is a micro living option in Providence. The Arcade Providence touts itself as a historic revival providing micro living opportunities. What is micro living? Micro apartments provide the opportunity for the tenant to have a much more affordable living experience by giving up some of the space that otherwise goes unused. Often times, people find themselves working to afford a nice apartment, but they are unable to fully enjoy that apartment because they are working to pay the rent. With micro apartments, the apartment is smaller, and so is the price tag. And that means you are able to work less to afford your apartment, which means you will be able to better enjoy the apartment.

micro apartments in providence

The Arcade Providence features micro lofts from 225-800 square feet. The lofts feature built in furniture, full bathrooms, kitchens with near full size appliances, and more. This is micro living at its finest. The Arcade Providence provides its residents with all that they need, especially when it comes to micro living.

Why would you want a large apartment that you are not going to be able to enjoy because you are working so hard to pay the rent? The Arcade Providence provides you with all the living space that you will need along with a number of fine amenities that you would otherwise not be able to find in a larger apartment. If you are looking for upscale living without an upscale price, them micro apartment living may be best for you. At the Arcade Providence, you will find micro lofts to suit any need.

Micro living is catching on across the country, and if you are living in Providence, you now have the opportunity to enjoy a micro loft at the Arcade Providence.