Are you ready to get in on the micro apartment trend in San Francisco? The newest San Francisco micro apartment complex, The Panoramic, has been built in SoMa and is already mostly leased as student dorm space, but there are still a few spaces available for those that want to reside in a much smaller living space. If you are not familiar with what a micro apartment is then you are in for a surprise at The Panoramic. Many people are only home for a brief part of the day, and so do not require a large place to live. Why pay more for a full size apartment that is more than you need? A micro apartment is usually a studio apartment that is less than 400 square feet, which for many people is enough space to come home to and unwind in. There’s a catch though. These apartments are only available to students and interns.

microflats in san francisco

The Panoramic is no different than any other micro apartment complex, and brings this trend to SoMa in San Francisco. The average size of an apartment at The Panoramic is 354 square feet, and there are 160 units on 11 floors. However, if 354 square feet is too much for you, you can get by in a unit of only 274 square feet. These smallest units had to be voted on in 2012 to be allowable in the city, but they come with Murphey beds already installed.


If you are interested in getting in on the latest micro apartment complex in San Francisco, then consider moving into The Panoramic. For a lower price, you will find yourself in an apartment that is no more than what you need. After all, why pay more for a large apartment that you can hardly enjoy? Consider moving into The Panoramic for a unique living arrangement that can only be found in life in a micro apartment.